I met with Mike after a year and a half of frustration with SI joint and hip pain. I had spent countless hours and more dollars on physio, chiro, joint injections with Prolo & PRP therapy and nothing was working. I’d gained ten pounds and lost what felt like years off my life. I have been active all my life with swimming, distance running and ironman triathlons and with these I have suffered my fair share of injuries that I always managed to come back from. This time it was different, I wasn’t improving no matter what I did and I was very frustrated. I didn’t want to waste any more time or money trying things out hoping they’d work. In researching a private trainer, I found 2 in Kelowna that I was willing to consider working with. It turned out I work with one of Mike’s clients and was able to ask her a few questions about his knowledge and expertise. She had nothing but high accolades to say about Mike. I was sold, but still skeptical. Mike’s philosophy is different than any other trainer I have worked with. He spent our first session doing a formal assessment and then developed a program from there. 6 months later I am pain free, more flexible and starting to see a light at getting my fitness back to where it was. Mike gave me a program of functionality using myofascial stretching and the ELDOA technique, with a proper joint warmup. Thank you, Mike for correcting my path of health, wellness and fitness.

- Dorrie Fasick

Mike Christy is an excellent trainer. He takes great pride in what he does and treats his clients like family. I can testify to this as I have had other trainers in the past and they were not nearly as easy to deal with. This is one of the things most people would want in a personal trainer. He takes a look at your needs and work-out style, incorporates his own expertise into the mix. This in turn produces results and yet the client does not have to step out of his or her comfort zone. This made me look forward to our training sessions. Through training with Mike, I learned correct form and proper nutrition. Before we started working out, I thought I knew a lot about fitness as I had been doing it for the past year. However, combined with all the core exercises and proper technique, I have gotten a lot stronger and healthier. He has this training technique called “intelligent muscle” where you don’t gain a bunch of weight but you do sustain the muscle and strength you have acquired for longer periods of time. It works. I highly recommend Mike Christy to anyone looking to increase their strength and health. You will get the results you desire and do it while having fun. His knowledge will guide you as well as improve your life.

- Ranjit Takhar

I was referred to Mike Christy by my personal trainer, who had been working with me for over a year. She was looking for some guidance on how to best help me with some issues relating to old injuries and years of lack of ergonomic attention in my work. As a physician, I have a natural curiosity combined with a hint of scepticism in any consultation involving my health. Mike exceeded my expectations in his thorough analysis, which he shared with my personal trainer. Based on the analysis Mike developed and taught me a tailored group of corrective and functional exercises that I have incorporated into my fitness routine. I especially appreciate his approach using ELDOA stretching and strengthening technique for the spine and joints of the body. The ELDOAs target every level of your spine to decompress and normalize the tension around each vertebrae. I use this technique on a daily basis and have enjoyed a noticeable improvement in my posture and movement. I also appreciate him freely collaborating with my trainer who now has a more complete approach to my fitness and function.

- Cheryl Holmes

I am active all year round. I asked Mike Christy from Fluidpower Integrative Health and Fitness to test me for functionality as I noticed that I wasn't as flexible and as quick as I once was, despite still being in good athletic condition. The assessment that Mike performed pointed to many dysfunctions in my bio-mechanics that could be corrected with proper training. The training program that Mike Christy designed for me involved very basic exercises plus visits to a chiropractor and massage therapist. After a few sessions I noticed that I was stronger, had better balance and that my range of motion in a number of exercises had increased, much more than I had expected! I became very interested in my progress and did exercises at home to help with the sessions in Mike’s gym. I have never been a gym person, but I found myself looking forward to going to his gym, and learning more about building my body to become stronger, more flexible and quicker. Playing tennis I noticed that I was far more fluid and energetic on the court. After two months of training, my massage therapist and my chiropractor have both commented that my muscular/skeletal structure is equal to that of a man 30 years younger! Now, I am in a very high level of skiing which requires hip mobility and pelvis stability. I wouldn't be at this level with out Mike Christy’s coaching, and the exercises we did, which is now allowing me to ski at this level. My whole body feels much more in sync and aligned when I balance on a ski, edge to edge at high speeds. All of this is possible as a result of the work I did with Mike in his gym and in his yoga classes. I find that I now have much more range of motion because of the breathing exercises and the functional stretches that we did together. I am now skiing daily and my posture and balance have allowed me to increase my skiing performance. My group and I do some very advanced skiing.I am away for the winter with skiing but I am looking forward to having a full spring, summer and fall training period next year. Thanks Mike!

- Irwin Hamilton

I highly recommend Mike Christy as a personal trainer. After spending a significant amount of money on physio and chiropractors and still struggling with significant pain everyday I called Mike Christy at Fluidpower Health and Performance. He worked with me for the last 5 months and has helped me to develop a plan and a lifestyle that keeps me pain free. He has proven to be well rounded and has a holistic perspective to his approach. I am so grateful for the progress I’ve made and for how good I am now feeling. Thanks Mike, the program you have developed for me is something that I can build on.

- Denise Mazza

To have Mike Christy as my Personal Trainer was the best investment for myself. His positive energy, and encouraging smile really makes all the lunge twists easier, and fun! He introduced me to the foam roller that I’ve continued to use years later, and love BTW! Through Mike Christy I have also learned other skills, like yoga, and strength training. I have had a bad hip and knees, and after years of discomfort, Mike was able to show me how to safely strengthen myself. I’m pleased to call Mike a friend, he is such a knowledgeable person, and so easy to talk too. Thanks Mike!

- Jessie Bent

My weightlifting goals were to increase my overall strength and add as much size as possible in a short period of time. Mike started out by analyzing my current lifestyle including my workout routine, nutrition, and rest. In a few short sessions he was able to identify specific weaknesses of mine that were limiting my ability to lift heavier weight. He introduced me to a series of stretches and core exercises to target these weaknesses and overcome them. After working with these exercises I noticed a significant increase of strength in my entire body. I really noticed the difference in squats and deadlifts, as I was able to generate explosive power through my improved core muscles with great ease. Mike also examined my upper body exercises and made some adjustments to improve my form and create better muscle contraction. Mike was patient and easy to work with, he always came prepared with a solid workout planned for me and he motivated me to work my absolute hardest. When I started Mike’s program I weighed in at 215lbs. It’s been 6 months and my strength has increased tremendously. I am now 240lbs of solid muscle and I am absolutely amazed with the progress we have made. I really look forward to our next series of training sessions together, thanks Mike!

- Connor Paul

Working with Mike Christy has taught me to be more aware of my body in terms of my breathing, my muscles, and most of all my balance and overall well being. Once we had established a routine based on my needs, we added in Mike’s expertise with incorporating Yoga into the mix. Which I now can say will remain part of my weekly routine for life. With such a hectic lifestyle of owning and operating two companies and having a young family, I have never made time for myself and my own fitness goals and stuck to a plan. With Mike’s training and knowledge I was able to create a time that was just for me and also realized how healthy this time made me feel. I found that with Mike’s expertise I was able to heal old injuries and gain new strength. He has made me aware that this is just the beginning of my journey. I can now accomplish all my health and fitness goals and make it something that I really enjoy in my daily routine. Thanks Mike for all of your motivation, time, and of course all the enthusiasm and support that you have brought into my life!

- Andrea Cosar

Hi, my name is Nathan Edwards and I had a chance to work with Michael Christy before taking multiple physical tests (PARE) to qualify to be a police officer. Mike designed a program for me that helped me pass and exceed the test expectations. In January 2009 I was accepted into the Calgary Police recruit training and I owe a thanks to Mike for getting me started!

- Nathan Edwards

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