FluidPower Mission Statement.

Founded with purpose, passion, and enthusiasm, Fluidpower Personal Training is dedicated to providing superior health and wellness coaching services that our clients and physicians can confidently recommend to other patients, friends and families.

The whole becomes one; and an optimum level of health and fitness is yours.

Our Process.


Come in and have an obligation-free chat in private about your history, goals, and how our services can get you there.


See how balanced your body is and how susceptible to injury you are. Any issues we find, we put a plan in place to work with them.


Everyone is different. We put you where you need to be and explain why, and what the plan is from here.


We Motivate, Educate and Support you every step of the way. Raising the bar higher as you begin to progress.


As you begin to adapt, you are no longer the person who first walked in. We update your program and plan to keep progressing.

Michael Christy, BBA

Founder & Director of Fluidpower

Mike is experienced in the art of physical assessment and the implementation of a holistic approach to functional health and fitness. He has worked with people of all ages and abilities, from the most challenging rehabilitation cases to the demands of professional athletes including Stanley Cup winners and Olympic gold medalists. For over 18 years Mike Christy has devoted himself to continuous research and travel to receive advanced education from around the world. He has come home with the most current and advanced concepts in corrective and functional exercise, as well as nutritional and lifestyle coaching to help his clients achieve world class results.

Mike also serves as a CHEK Academy mentor for other trainers, therapists, physicians, and health practitioners of diverse disciplines worldwide. Certifications include:

  • European Degree of Monitor of Sport
  • CHEK Institute: Practitioner ||
  • CHEK Institute: HLC |||
  • CHEK Institute: Golf Biomechanic
  • ELDOA: General and Specific
  • Therapist Assistant
  • BCRPA Yoga Fitness

A Bright Future Ahead.

Over 10 years ago Fluidpower set out to pioneer the field of holistic exercise, rehabilitation and performance by listening carefully to their clients, while encompassing the model of tensegrity biomechanics. With this methodology, the body’s connective tissue is viewed as one continuum rather than focusing on segmented parts. This new focus creates a huge break through from conventional physical training and rehabilitation methods, with much more possibility for creating sustainable health on all levels for the client or patient; a philosophy worth teaching and understanding.

Enhance your life with FluidPower.

Fluidpower defines wellness as a state in which a human being functions at an optimal level of integration between the elements of body, mind and spirit. The well individual is one who is happy, healthy and whole, and perceives his/her life as one with meaning and purpose.